Monday, November 17, 2008

Top 40 Most Memorable Games #35

Lima's Top 40 Most Memorable Games!

I've been told I'm more funny when I'm angry. Sadly, I just can't find anything to rant about this week. Tools of Destruction was a solid game. My roommate (TheNightgaunt) rented it and it had been a while since I'd had the time/interest to get into a game. The previous Ratchet and Clank titles had been decent if not highly remarkable. I've always had a soft spot for platform games and at the time I'd experienced enough bargain bin action/adventure to make me crave something with a joke or two. (A LITTLE sense of humor, I don't ask for much! Even the new Devil May Cry had dick jokes!) Two months later, I had finished the game twice and finally let my poor roommate exchange it for another game.

Playing Tools of Destruction was like stepping out into summer rain. How long had it been since I played a game that was FUN. You know fun, that thing you forget about when you're fighting slimes over and over again for the XP or randomly named currency? I forgot the beauty of mindlessly wailing on things with a pleasant variety of weapons. And yes, that's what Grand Theft Auto is, but there was always a bit of guilt there for me. Call me sensitive (I still beat the money out of hookers like anyone else) but there was always that edge of sarcasm (and frustrating chase missions) to remind me that my character and the city he lived in were mean and corrupt. Cynicism can be a great source of humor, but it's really just the shinier side of a depressed coin. Besides, I can't beat the chase scenes

Ratchet an Clank are saving worlds from a tiny dictator whose head is too small for his hat. There's no guilt in beating up monsterous patsies or robot pirates. (They hit me first!) And If you you don't want to kill them, you can make them dance. Or turn them into penguins. or turn them into DANCING PENGUINS!!!

I could go on and on about the great gameplay and replay value, Pirate costume, beautifully titled skill points (Saucy Wrench = Destroy all 4 campfire Cauldrons with the wrench.), and blatant ripping off the Pirates of the Caribbean's theme song....But I think I made my point with the dancing penguins. dancing penguins! How AWESOME is that?

This game kicks ass.


Anonymous said...

I always heard good things about these games, but they seem to be in a pretty monogamous relationship with Sony consoles. Oh well, someday.

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