Thursday, July 17, 2008

More Empty Promises from Duke Nukem

I was just confused by this trailer.

So apparently Apogee is working on three portable Duke Nukem games for the DS and PSP, while we still hear absolutely nothing about Duke Nukem Forever, which should be coming out for these generation consoles. How can George Broussard (the supposed creator and director of previous Duke Nukem games), actually expect to come out with a trilogy of games when he can’t even put out one good one? Well, fear not, because George Brussard is not in charge anymore.

Acoording to a article, "This week's revival of the Apogee Software brand represents a second Apogee Software--Apogee Software LLC--which is dedicated to mobile games. And while formed with the assistance of 3D Realms' Scott Miller and George Broussard, both are totally removed from any Apogee Software LLC-related management decisions. 'This is a true rebirth of the Apogee name,' commented Nagy."

Duke Nukem Forever has been in “development” since 1997 and we still do not have a set release date. So can we expect this trilogy (or maybe part of it) to come out in 2019? Seems like a good estimate to me unless Apogee starts moving the chains on the development cycle.

Don’t know about this discombobulated history of Duke Nukem Forever? Check out this awesome Wikipedia article to see how many times 3D realms changed gameplay engines, story ideas and the conflict they had with their publisher, Take-Two. I loved Duke Nukem 64 but, I can only wait so long.

I would love to tell you more about the Duke Nukem trilogy idea but just look at the trailer they put out at E3 (posted above). Apogee/3D Realms has given us nothing to go on and though they apparently have plans for what they are going to do, why should I bother talking about them? They will only get changed by the beginning of 2009.

Seriously, the developers of the Duke Nukem series needs to get their acts together; this is just beyond ridiculous; it’s redonkulous.


Anonymous said...

Is that the technical spelling? ridonkulous? redonckulous? looks too long but the "K" in the middle just looks...well, redonkulous.

Richard R. said...

Both ridonkulous and redonkulous are correct spellings according to

Now that's ridonkulous.

Anonymous said...

"Urban"...right! Why don't they just call it "Black Dictionary"? I mean, come on!

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