Sunday, July 13, 2008

Play! Write! Hurry!

An oddly honest article came out via Gamespot today. This article acknowledges that most reviewers don’t finish the games that they review. While not surprising to me, I found it satisfying that Gamespot would admit that this is an on-going practice among most reviewers. However, upon reading the article, I realize that most of the quotes were from "freelance" journalists saying that they didn’t finish games, NOT Gamespot journalists. To top it all off, there is a little disclaimer at the bottom of this article from the friendly editor.

“[Editor's Note: It is GameSpot's policy to not review a game unless the reviewer has completely finished its main storyline. For more on our review policies, practices, and experiences, check out Under Review, the GameSpot Reviews Blog.]”

Lolz. Yes, as readers were are to believe that Gamespot does no wrong, even though this article was written by a Gamespot employee. Well done Mr. Editor, well done.

For my personal take on this, I really do not care that the reviewer didn’t finish the game as long as they don’t say that they played through all of it and lied to me. I understand that making video game reviews is very competitive among different sites. However, I also understand a reviewer not admitting that he or she did not finish the game. If I consistently saw that Gamespot did not finish the games they review, I would not trust them and look elsewhere for reviews. It’s a business; I get it.

That being said, if I give a review, I’ll tell you where I am in the game if I have not beaten it yet. As a journalist, I rather be completely honest than hide the truth in order to gain more readership. I think my readers will have more trust in me as a result and respect my opinion more because of it. And just so you know, for my readers out there, I love you guys. It makes me happy to see comments.


Fishing for comments? Me? No....


Anonymous said...

I'd feel better about the reviews if they had beaten them, but I understand that it's not feasible.

If that were the case, we wouldn't see reviews of Final Fantasy games for the first week, and that's if the reviewer nearly killed himself trying to get it done in a week.

This idea of reviewers not finishing games didn't really hit me until I lived with someone who did this for a living. So I'm okay with it, but I would like to see reviews out there marked with some sort of universal symbol for when a reviewer played the game to 100%. I wouldn't expect to see them until a couple months after release, but it would be nice.

But yeah, tracking page views and subscriptions is nice, but the goal is always for comments; very fulfilling.

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