Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Amazing Tetris Videos

Most of the easter eggs I put in my posts are in my Top 52 segment. I didn't put any in the Tetris DS (#25) post because there are just too many great Tetris videos out there. So instead I'm just going to compile them here for you all to enjoy.

Note: If know of any other awesome Tetris videos, please tell me and I'll update this post with the video.

The Original Human TETRIS Performance by Guillaume Reymond

Human Tetris (2:05 is hilarious)

Stupid Tetris

Mega64: Tetris

Tetris Ninjas

Tetris: The Movie

Little Big Planet Tetris Completed Version

Tetris Japanese Player (my favorite, if you get bored watch from 4:00 on: your mind will get blown)

Tetris is awesome.


TheNightgaunt said...

The tetris movie made me laugh, but I'm kinda ashamed to admit that I'd watch the Human Tertris gameshow. It's better than Ninja Warrior! ^_^

Shawn R. said...

DUDE - What is UP with that last video? Even after the credits start rolling he's doing it just as blindingly fast, with INVISIBLE FREAKING GROUND PIECES?!?!?!?!?

Richard R. said...


Hell, I want to watch the show also. It looks awesome. There's a bunch of them on Youtube if you're interested.

@Shawn R.:

Yeah, that guy is INSANE. My friend Rosie had the best reaction to the video:

Rosie: Someone needs to sex with that man.

Me: What?

Rosie: Look at those hands! We need to pass on those fast moving hands! His genes must live on!

Me: Yep, you're crazy.

Cinzia said...

I remember when you showed Rosie and me the invisible one. It's still as sick as ever. I love all the others too. Tetris is just one hell of a game.
The tv show made me giggle lots too.

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