Wednesday, December 3, 2008

5 Minutes/5 Games: Volume 3

Will started this segment a while back, and I really liked the idea. Take 5 random games from your collection, play them for 5 minutes and then report. It's similar to the Games for Lunch segment by Crispy Gamer, but with more focus on a variety of games rather than one focus.

1. The Battle of Olympus
This game moves, feels and looks like Zelda II. In fact, I'm pretty sure it runs on the same engine. I didn't like Zelda II, nor did I like this game that much. The combat is somewhat interesting as you need to time jumps correctly and strike and the right time, but it's been done before with Zelda II, and done better.

Will I play this again? No. Did I mention that this game plays like Zelda II?

2. Bible Adventures
Oh Bible Adventures. I've played you before. Bible Adventures is a platforming game revolved around Bible stories. I played the David and Goliath set, which involves collecting sheep. David was a sheep herder; I think. The premise is hysterical and the game kinda sucks, but it's all in good fun. "Good work, but you forgot Baby Moses." Priceless.

Will I play this again? Definitely. Just for the humor factor.

3. Tecmo Bowl
Wow. The random number generator favors me big time. Tecmo Bowl is only one of the best football games ever made. Yes, it schools Madden hardcore. You have a choice between two run plays and two passing plays and if the defense picks the same one, you're going to lose yardage. If not, you have a chance to make big gains. It's simple, yet tactical and fun. Ready! Down. Hut!Hut!Hut!

Will I play this again? Super definitely. Two-player Tecmo Bowl is INTENSE.

4. Flight of the Intruder
A flight simulator on the NES? Cool. It doesn't play particularly well and the flying is pretty choppy, but it does capture the feel of a first-person flight simulator pretty well. Aiming is hard, and dodges missiles is disorientating but I kinda enjoyed this game. Maybe I'm just in desperate need of good flight sim besides Warhawk.

Will I play this again? Probably not. But I'm glad I tried it.

5. A Nightmare on Elm Street
This is just confusing. You're a dude in an orange jumpsuit and you punch bats and rats. And occasionally Freddy comes out and you have a random pseudo-boss fight with him. Dude, it's TOTALLY like the movie. I mean, did you see the title screen for this game? Scary stuff.

Will I play this again? No way. I'd rather be stabbed in the toe.

Winner: Tecmo Bowl
Loser: A Nightmare on Elm Street


Anonymous said...

Very nice; I've tried Bible Adventures before. Right you are, hilarious!

I think games based on movies were even worse back then than they are now.

Shawn R. said...

Dude, I totally want to try Bible Adventures. And Tecmo Bowl is undoubtedly primitively excellent.

Best Tecmo Bowl clip I've ever seen: Bo Jackson goes 99 yards and takes up an entire quarter.

Lima said...

Don't get stabbed in the toe.
Toe wounds are super-annoying.

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