Friday, September 12, 2008

Flashy Friday: Four Second Frenzy

Four Second Frenzy is a silly little flash game was very popular when it came out on Mimicking the fast-paced mini-game style gameplay of the WarioWare series, four second frenzy has you play mini-games that last only 4 seconds long each.

All of the games are simple to play and require only a few keystokes/mouse clicks to finish. The game doesn't give you instructions for all of the games, just a general goal like "finish," "avoid," or "drink." Some mini-games include platformers, shooting, mashing a button real fast, etc. You'll likely lose on some of the games but all of the controls are fairly easy.

There isn't much down time between games as well, so the entire game can get pretty chaotic. The fast-pacing of it however, is what will keep you hooked. There's also a boss in the final section that will give you more mini-games to play if you don't beat him in time.

Click here if you want to play Four Second Frenzy. Watch out though, it is addictive.

Photo: [1]

UPDATE: Since it is Friday I also post at WillandBeyond. Click here to see my post.


ultima301 said...

Oh man I was just playing that one. Pretty good WarioWare clone, the problem I had was that there are only 50 games, most of which are really easy to pass. Some of them are also really unfair, like the "save 2 happies" is almost impossible to beat sometimes, or the collect 4 stars with the blob you have virtually no control over. With only 50 games they all became easy to remember and do after like 3 plays. I always thought a game like this needs an open platform so anyone could add on to it; imagine a WarioWare game with like 500+ microgames designed and uploaded by dozens of developers. I'm just rambling now, good game overall.

Oh yeah I finished mgs4 last night, I'll put up a review sometime this weekend :D

Anonymous said...

Good stuff, and glad to see you posted the Kongregate link. You are learning, young one. Fun, but frustrating as hell sometimes.

Kevin, open source WarioWare, I likey. And you're writing here too now?

ultima301 said...

Yeah, once Rich gives me permission. I'm not going to be very consistent but I'll post the occasional game review or rant, cause sometimes I just get that itch. To rant. I've got a good one for mgs4 in the works :D

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