Sunday, September 21, 2008

Lego Labyrinth

In my last post, I briefly mentioned Jorge Luis Borges' piece called The Garden of Forking Paths. I had to read that piece not only for my Digital New Media class but also for my Game Production class. In terms of game production, we were supposed to read that piece and then make a similar labyrinth to the one that Borges' character goes through. In order to get through the maze in the story, Borges' character must go always make a left turn to get out of the jungle maze.

My maze is a little bit more complicated, influenced by my times playing The Legend of Zelda. My goal was to completely disorient the player, in a circular maze that turns. The goal of this assignment was to make a 3D physical model of a labyrinth which we will eventually port into various programs to make 3D model on the computer.

I don't have a lot of skill in making 3D models using art supplies, so I went with something a bit simpler: Legos. Legos have their limitations, but they were sufficient enough in showing my prototype for a labyrinth.

Below is a video demostration of what my lego labyrinth looks like and how to solve it. It's also posted on YouTube. My video recording skills aren't amazing, so if you can, please excuse the poor quality.

I would like to get some feedback on this labyrinth. If you can suggest improvements or a different design, please let me know. Keep in mind that the "player" will most likely be in first-person (like Halo) or third-person (like Zelda); the top-down view is just for the ease of recording. Unless of course, you think I should keep it top-down and make a puzzle oriented game.

Much thanks to Lima and Garrett for helping me record this video.


Shawn R. said...

Dude, that is SWEET. Now you just need some Octorok's and little Dodongo's patrolling those corridors.

One suggestion though - I think you need this sound (or perhaps something independently composed like it) whenever the sections rotate. I'll get to work. :)

Anonymous said...

Very excellent. You need a lazy susan for this.

Of course! The whites can only go with the whites! You disgust me.

Zelda... maze... ahhh!!! You unblocked my memories of going through that damned maze 800 times!!! Almost as bad as the tedious, tedious sailing.

I enjoyed it overall, but those two things drove me crazy.

Speaking of Legos, feel free to check out the two stop-action things I did with them here and here. There's a bit of loading time; I never bothered making them into flash videos or anything.

Shawn R. said...

Dude, looking back at this (and having seen some of the digital models you showed me for the final game) got me jazzed up for the game again. Thanks for lettin' me compose the music for it!

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