Monday, September 1, 2008

Know Thy NES

I found an interesting video on YouTube today. Someone has compiled 100 NES games in 10 minutes. I challenged myself to see how many I titles I knew just from looking at the brief seconds of gameplay the video showed. I was able to correctly recall 58 of them, which I think is pretty good. Here's the video:

The correct answers are at YouTube, after you click on the "More Info" thingy which is right next to the date of which the video was added. If you have ten minutes to spare, see how many NES games you can identify. Then look at this rating system I just made up to see how awesome I think you are.

0-9: Man, you probably have never played NES games. Stop reading right now and play some of them if you fall in this category.

10-19: You probably know most of the famous ones. That is good. But play more! Most NES games are classics and deserve more attention.

20-29: Maybe you couldn't recall some of the one's you saw. Regardless, that's a good amount of NES games to know right off the bat.

30-39: Wow, you clearly are a gamer who knows most of the NES classics. Awesome.

40-49: You must have loved your NES as a child and have a decent memory. Way to go.

50-59: Now we are in the hardcore range. Some of those games are really obscure.

60-69: I'm impressed. You know more NES games than I do. Maybe you should write about classic games on this blog!

70-79: Now we are getting in the ridiculous range. You, my friend, are an NES fiend.

80-89: Really!? Are you serious? You have some crazy video game knowledge.

90-99: I am not worthy. Teach me your gaming knowledge, oh great one.

100: Cheater!

Even if you got in the 0 to 10 range I still think you're awesome, no worries. This is mostly to ensure that my girlfriend doesn't think that she is not awesome, as she will most likely fall in the 0 to 10 range.


Lima said...

I got 15 damnit.
*scowly squint*

Richard R. said...

You exceeded my expectations yet again.

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