Friday, October 10, 2008

Flashy Friday: Flash Gear Solid VR: The NIKITA Missons

I loved the VR missions for Metal Gear Solid. The mini-missions were so much fun, which was surprising since it spawned out of a stealth game. This flash artist took the VR mission digital style and made a really awesome flash game out of it.

You play as Snake in a box and you have a certain amount of NIKITA missiles that you can shoot. You need the missiles to hit the targets and you can control missiles much like you control them in Metal Gear Solid, meaning you can control their direction as they fly.

The game uses a top-down view but you can switch to first person (of both Snake AND the missiles) by holding down X on your keyboard. The graphics are really sharp for a Flash game and the first-person view actually adds a lot to the gameplay. Even if you dislike Metal Gear Solid, you'll probably enjoy this game as the controls are smooth and it gets pretty hard towards the end.

Click here to go play Flash Gear Solid VR: The NIKITA Missions right now.

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Anonymous said...

The Kongregate link, you forgot it this week!

Haha, but yeah, I loved the MGS VR training. This just didn't do it for me; it felt a little choppy, and repetitive, I got bored at level 5. Good idea though.