Friday, October 24, 2008

Top 40 Most Memorable Games #37

I know, I suck.

Lima's Top 40 Most Memorable Games!
this week, YOSHI TOUCH & GO!

Yoshi Touch & Go is a game for the Nintendo DS, a system I don't own. In other words, at some point Rich was watching The Sport and this game was nearby. It's pretty basic. Yoshi is constantly moving across the screen carrying baby Mario or baby Luigi (I guess the adult versions would have been too heavy) and your job is use the stylus to draw bridges and kill enemies by way of bubble. Also, if you want Yoshi to help out with his...egg laying *shudder* you can feed him the occasional piece of fruit. If you do all of this successfully, Yoshi changes color and you you do it again. Faster.

This game is AWESOME.

Honestly, I have no idea why I loved this game so much, but I did. It's essentially an arcade game. No plot, no progression. Just the same premise, steadily increasing until you die and start over.

I don't like dying. And I don't like arcade games. I have no idea why someone would play Pac Man more than twice. But I lost sleep over this game. Had to burn it out of my system like a fever by borrowing Rich's DS and playing at every spare moment for a week until the itch subsided. Some one on the Touch & Go Team either knows voodoo or sold their soul because I have no other explanation for this game's near narcotic addictiveness. Between the voodoo and the pederas-tastic title, this game gives me the creeps.


Richard R. said...

Ha. I likey Teh Sport.

And wow, that Touch & Go link is hilarious. Well done.

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