Monday, October 27, 2008

Real Life Achievements

As I've mentioned before, points motivate people. Even if aren't actually used or redeemed for anything. Xbox 360 took this logic, and made achievements in all of their games. Brilliance.

What if real life had achievements which motivated us to do things? Sure, there's motivations like fun, advancing your career, etc, but I want something more immediate; I demand instant gratification!

Suicidal Failure - Skydive successsfully
Poultry Pouncer - Kick a pigeon
Guardian Angel - Walk an old lady across a street

If things like this appeared in life, I feel like I would do more exciting, random things. I would ideally like them to somehow appear in my line of vision. (Want to make your own?) I realize this would require some sort of ocular implant, or awesome contact lenses, but this would be worth it:

Here's some more entertaining ones. I'm definitely not the first person to think of this type of idea. (Examples: here and here.) There are sites like 43 Things which allow you to create and complete goals, but I want something more Xbox360'esque.

Walking Tall - Create a 4 person piggy-back
Doublespeak - Invent a new language
Wild Card - Jump out of a car after cutting the brakes

Some sort of website where you go and sign up, then you can select packs like you play games, so you would select a certain set if you worked in an office job, another type if you were into extreme sports, if you were a scientist, etc, etc. You could then compare games like you can do on Xbox Live, and you'd see what achievements your friends had done.

This would have to be on the honor system, or maybe even accompanied by photographic evidence, but then again, when you're collecting gamerscore points on XBL, you only really compare yourself to your friends, not random strangers, so just don't be friends with assholes who cheat the system and say they've done things that they haven't.

(Bonus points to the first person to get the 'Wild Card' reference.)

Photo: Flickr



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