Friday, October 10, 2008

Top 40 Most Memorable Games #39

-Hey, aren't you supposed to post on Thursdays? Lima's timeliness is almost as bad as her taste in games!
-...Yes. And this week will be no exception.

Lima's Top 40 Most Memorable Games!

The first Onimusha. The sequels had better graphics, but I never played them after the first game for PS2. If I didn't know any better, I'd be shocked that this game made it onto my list. It was the opposite of memorable. Onimusha is one of my favorite examples of a cookie cutter game.

I have a little soft spot for Capcom, mostly because of the Resident Evil series which has made notable appearances in my life since childhood. (More will be said about this in later posts). But Capcom for all its history and camp has never been known for its originality. Onimusha is essentially Devil May Cry (also a Capcom series) in samurai armor.Both games are a series of battles with enemies that warp into the room and can be destroyed by hitting X repeatedly, intermingled with puzzles along the lines of Destroy enough enemies to make the magic barrier in front of the door go away! or The statue is missing a gem! Kill things until one of them drops the gem! The fighting styles are nearly identical.

Maybe the memorable part was the helpless/useless Princess Yuki that you have to save from the demons that have kidnapped her. That's original, right? Or what about Kaede? An attempt at a female character that can kick ass except she DOESN"T. Could that be unique? Or perhaps it's the main character Quiet Inner Turmoil that is never explained in the storyline (because it's an excuse the write less dialog) I'm not even going to link this one, there are just too many examples.

No, This game sticks in my memory for one reason and one reason only. If you collect enough fluorites (a.k.a the shiny things I couldn't find a picture of) you get to play the game in a panda suit. Yeah. That's it.



Richard R. said...

Your list is very odd and hilarious. I especially like your Easter Egg that shows a link that you said you would not show. Well done.

I never played this game, nor do I intend to. However, I do know that Panda suits are the way to your heart so, I was not surprised at your reasoning.

Lima said...

After that comment everyone is going to wonder if you have a panda suit stashed away somewhere.

I sure hope so....^_^

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