Thursday, October 2, 2008

Top 40 Most Memorable Games #40!

(Some may have noticed this in the comments on yesterday's post, but Rich has asked me to post it like a normal contributer and stop being all secretive (not to mention that it will be a lot easier to read without the thin comment margins.)
Well, here goes nothing...

Lima's Top 40 Most Memorable Games! (Yes, 40 so that it ends conveniently at the same week as Table Salt's Top 52 Games.)

Now let's be clear, this list is completely personal, very biased, and occasionally refers to games that I never even finished. The point is that I remember them, and will always remember them- possibly because they were outrageously awful. For better or worse, here's No. 40.


Yeah, Fable. Overrated and old news. Not that I knew any of this when the game provoked me to purchase a used Xbox despite my hatred for microsoft gaming systems.It must have been the game's evil siren song. You can make your character good or evil. You decide where the story will go! maybe that's because there was no story to begin with. None the less, it is still the only game for the system that I ever played to completion. That in itself is enough to make that game stick in my mind.

Stealing was fun. Fishing was boring. Slaughtering towns so I could buy out the houses and then collect rent on them from the next generation of villagers was worth the price of the game ($30 used). It was not worth the price of the xbox. And the fighting mechanics sucked. Damn you Fable! Damn you to Bill Gates' Special kind of Hell. But notice You only made it to the bottom of my list.

See you next week,
The Girlfriend


Anonymous said...

I didn't have an Xbox at the time, and due to all the disappointing news, I never got around to playing this.

It's a great idea, so let's hope they can fix it when they do Fable 2.

Richard R. said...

I've been slowly going through Fable on the PC. I just can't get into it at all. Combat sucks, and the semi-existent story blows. I really don't get why this game was so popular.


See!? I didn't confine her to comments. She wanted to post these things in comments in the first place.

Lima said...

"Combat sucks, and the semi-existent story blows."
Yeah, that just about sums it up.

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